In addition to organising and running our motorcycle tours in the UK, Ireland and Europe, Geraint runs a Motorcycle Rider Assessment programme. These Assessments will give you an opportunity to tap in his experience of over 20 years of working, riding and teaching on the roads. Geraint is extremely passionate about any and every form of positive rider improvement which is borne out by his previous involvement in Roads Policing, National Road Safety initiatives, BikeSafe and being a current motorcycle examiner for the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Every Rider Assessment session starts with a comprehensive briefing which is undertaken at an agreed meeting point. The remainder of the sessions are conducted on a variety of roads to take into account the requirements of each individual rider. There are sufficient breaks during the day for thorough de-briefs which include review of video footage from each ride in order to identify the strengths and any possible weaknesses of the rider. Geraint prides himself on his ability in allowing clients to relax and settle into their riding style whilst creating a positive learning experience. This in turn presents opportunities for the rider to identify areas in which their riding techniques have improved during the session and thus increasing their confidence in their overall riding ability.

Assessment Testimonials

Pricing for the Rider Assessment Programme is:-
o One to One Assessment Days £150 per person Length of day 5 hrs including regular breaks
o Two to One Assessment Days £115 per person Length of day 7 - 8 hrs including regular breaks

We enjoy sharing our motorcycling experiences and knowledge and are also available for group or individual Presentations on various topics which include:-
• How do You Read the Road
• Think “S”
• Observation Skills & Positioning
• System of Motorcycle Control
• Essential Hints & Tips for Touring

Presentation Testimonials

If you belong to a motorcycle group and would like us to join you for an evening to deliver one of these Presentations, please do not hesitate to contact us either
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- via our Contacts page
- by telephone on the numbers at the top of the page

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