"Geraint's pitch and delivery when identifying where improvements could be made was perfect. The use of video review and commentary reinforced the observations and exceeded my expectations. All in all an excellent day."
Mark T. April 2017

"Many thanks. Great day, learnt lots and look forward to developing. I think using the video footage was very good."
Sion E. August 2016

"I really enjoyed the experience and will do another rider assessment with Geraint this time next year. Thanks."
Andy L. July 2016

"Thank you so much. This has been invaluable and the feedback given means a great deal."
Rob A. April 2016

"Thank you for an absolutely marvellous day! Fun and educational in perfect balance:-) Really appreciate all your time and effort, both today and the follow up."
Debs A. March 2016

"Really enjoyed the day."
Ian H. March 2016

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would recommend it to anyone. I especially liked how throughout the whole day the main focus was to enjoy riding."
Jonathan C. March 2016

"I sending a email to say I had a great day with you out riding which helped to get me more confidence on riding my bike.Thanks again."
Mick K. September 2015

"Had a great day and from the comments Geraint gave me during the day things are paying off, so I am very pleased."
Adrian. April 2015

"A great session again with Geraint. Good feedback given on areas for improvement e.g. smoother gear changing"
Bob. March 2015

"The day was excellent and on the ride home I was applying my new skills. I certainly looked at signs and road markings more and checked my road positioning. I have gone on to book myself on a BikeSafe day in North Wales."
Dave. June 2014

"I came away from the day with the feeling of being a better rider than I probably gave myself credit for. I got more out of the day than expected and hopefully with the knowledge and experience imparted to me on the day I will be a more competent rider. Hopefully the next assessment will show that."
Paul. September 2014

"I would score the assessment a 5 (excellent) in all areas. Thanks for a very productive and enjoyable day."
Steve. September 2014

"A very well received Assessment day with someone who sees the world far more detailed than others that I have been on. I particularly liked the fact that no issue or weakness was too small or silly to work on. Thank you. "
Rebecca. May 2014

"Geraint imparts his knowledge in a friendly and engaging manner, yet he remains a true professional at all times. "
Tom. May 2014

"Thank you for a truly enjoyable day. I felt I improved most in the areas of planning and anticipation and will be booking another session before the end of the season. "
Steve. April 2014

"The time spent with Geraint was an extremely pleasant learning experience, a confidence builder and above all a real buzz!. "
Paul. March 2014

"Thank you very much for the assessment really enjoyed the day, and will certainly recommend the experience to friends. "
Chris M. October 2013

"Had a fantastic and informative day. Teaching aimed at right level very enjoyable day of learning."
John H. June 2013

" It really was an excellent day. I took two things away from the day; development in my riding (rather than ‘improving to pass a test’) was such a better idea, and the coaching style demonstrated can be (and has been) used to develop my ability to help others with their skills improvement."
Robin T. May 2013

"A thoroughly enjoyable day that I would recommend to any biker wishing to improve their riding skills. "
George S. May 2013

"Had a grand day riding and I found it to be extremely beneficial. Whilst the weather conditions were not what one might have chosen, they provided an excellent opportunity to develop my skill & confidence in dealing with sub-optimal conditions of visibility & grip. With Geraints help I was able to take full advantage!"
Mike B. March 2013

"I had an excellent day, I was apprehensive at the start as I had not done any assessment ride since passing my senior IAM test. I think I gained overall and have taken a new look at what I want and enjoy in motorcycling. I have taken all the points raised and I am progressively building them into my riding style. I found the method of delivery from Geraint matched my personality and he told me what I needed to hear on all factors. I took the need to ride for me to heart as that’s been missing over a few years now. I enjoyed the whole experience and would certainly do it again to try to improve on my skills at a later date. "
Gary G. August 2013


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        1. 25th - 27th April 2014           2 nights / 3 days  UK Tour - North Wales 
        2. 8th - 12th May 2014              4 nights / 5 days  West Coast of Ireland Tour 
        3. 6th - 9th June 2014               3 nights / 4 days  UK Tour - Yorkshire Dales Tour
        4. 25th - 28th July 2014            3 nights / 4 days  UK Tour - Northumberland
        5. 21st - 27th August 2014       6 nights / 7 days  European Tour - Jura Mountains & The Doubs
        6. 3rd - 5th October 2014          2 nights / 3 days  UK Tour - Mid Wales






"Just a note of personal thanks for the "Think S" presentation in Middlewich last night. As with the last session on "How Do You Read the Road", I thought it was informative, rewarding and enjoyable. Always more to learn!! Thanks to you both for your time and much-appreciated efforts. "
Alan D. January 2016


"Hi Geraint - Many thanks for the excellent presentation last night and I've had a number of emails and messages from attendees expressing their appreciation and enjoyment. "
Graham B. Congleton IAM group June 2015


"Hi Jan & Geraint - Many thanks for coming along and reminding us of what we should be (always) doing when out on the bike - and for that matter in the car - reading the road in all the many and varied ways. A good wake up call after a winter lay off. "
Paul M. Norfolk IAM group - March 2015


"Enjoyed @DragonMotoTours Reading the Road talks held at @WirralAMC and @scheshiream @IAMgroup "
Tweet from Tim B. Wirral IAM group - March 2015


"Great night,thank you Dragon Moto!"
Graham S. South Cheshire IAM group - Feb 2015


"Geraint & Jan many thanks for an Educational & Entertaining evening at Cheshire Fire HQ, with over forty people turning up on the night it was great to see old & new faces. "
John S. South Cheshire IAM group - Feb 2015




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