A Perfect Day for Motorcycling

Some days are just perfect for being on your motorbike and we were more than lucky to have one of those for our ride-out on 29th June 2014 to Snowdonia and the Isle of Anglesey.  Riding in SnowdoniaNorth Wales was shown in the best of light with blue skies, fluffy white clouds, empty roads and temperatures in the low 20 degrees which all added up to excellent riding conditions.  Including pillions there were just over 40 of us benefitting from “motorcycling nirvana“!!

Everywhere we went we had a great welcome, from The Eagles Hotel at Llanrwst where Rupert and Rhonda put coffee and tea on for us, to Hootons farm shop on Anglesey who struck up the  Lunch at Hootonsbarbeque for us and we were all able to enjoy mouthwatering local sourced burgers and sausages in the sunshine….. as someone put it “perfect grub for motorcyclists enjoying a day out“!!!!.  We had cold drinks and ice-creams at The Dragonfly on the A5 before finishing our day at The Sandstone pub where JJ and the team gave us a great welcome.

We had several new people join us for this ride-out, some of whom had never been onto the Isle of Anglesey – a travel writer in the Saturday Observor once wrote about “the magical feeling you have as you ride over the bridge onto the island” and we couldn’t agree more.  Admittedly we were lucky to have the weather on our side, the sun shining on the Menai Straits gave us a great welcome and then as you ride around the island and Riding on Angleseyapproach Hootons the mountains of the Snowdonia range stood proud under the clear blue skies providing an excellent back drop of 3 of our motorcyclists enjoying the roads 🙂

Our next ride-out is on the 20th July when we will be riding into Mid Wales on yet more open flowing roads, we are looking forward to it already!!!