On & Off Road Motorcycle Touring

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together, earlier in 2014 we started discussions with Mick of The Mick Extance Kawasaki Experience and The Lake Vyrnwy Hotel to set up a tour combining the best roads for motorcycling in Wales, a fantastic location for a base and an amazing opportunity to spend a day off-road riding in the Tanat Valley, and for 3 days from the 31st August 2014 the first DragonMotoTours Dual Tour took place.

We had excellent weather conditions Open road riding into Mid Walesfor days 1 and 3 when we rode our motorbikes through Mid and North Wales, blue and near cloudless skies, good temperatures, empty roads and stunning scenery.  Lunch was overlooking the Clywedog Reservoir and Llyn Clywedogwe couldn’t believe how blue both the water and sky were!  For the off-road day on the Monday, we had cloud for most of the day but it kept the temperatures just right for this type of motorbiking – it is surprising how much a sweat builds up when all that adrenaline is fizzing around your body as you ride over gravel, boulders and through some of the muddiest puddles you can find!!!

As with all of our tours, Bikes at Llyn Clywedogwe had a wide variety of motorcycles with us, ranging from the Kawasaki Versys which we ride, to a new Z1000 SX which made Mark smile all the time!  Richard has ridden his Suzuki on many a road in Europe but this was his first time riding the roads in North Wales and he loved them!  We had Ducati Multistrada’s, Triumph’s, Honda’s, a Harley, a KTM and a GS – pretty much covered the spectrum of motorbike manufacturers 🙂

We were Sunset over lake Vyrnwyspoilt with a beautiful sunset over lake Vyrnwy as we sat down to a superb meal in the Tavern restaurant at the hotel when Mick Extance joined us and there was lots of chat about the following day when the majority of our tour group would be swapping road bikes A gaggle of Kawasaki'sfor the Kawasaki off-road motorcycles Mick has to offer, 125cc, 250cc and 450cc’s, quite a spectacle when they are all lined up ready to hit the mud!!!  Earlier this year Jan did an all girls day riding with Mick and his team and you can catch up with that blog if you scroll back through our site, and whilst there were mostly men on this day their range of experience on an off-road motorcycle varied just as much as on the day Jan had in March.  Some had no experience, others had ridden previously and then there were a couple of the guys who had not been on off-roading since they were youngsters…….. but they soon found it was just “like riding a bike” when it all came back to them.  Tony enjoying his dayTony had a couple of spectacular “off’s” when he decided to take the bike “scuba diving” not once, but twice 🙂 however, his grin afterwards showed that not even that could dampen his spirits…….

Beckie was slightly outnumbered being the only girl in the group but despite a dreadful fear of gravel pre the day, she soon put the nerves to one side Beckie standing upand the transformation from her first tentative turns of the wheel at the start of the day to riding in at the end of the day standing on the pegs was a fantastic achievement and all credit to Mick and his team for giving her and everyone the encouragement they needed to thoroughly enjoy their day.

We had another fantastic meal at the hotel that evening followed by a presentation by Mick about his Dakar Rally experiences, he also presented everyone with a certificate of achievement for the day.  The only ones who did not get a certificate were the 3 girls who had the day in the spa at the hotel and Mark who had some “one-to-one” touring with Geraint through Wales on the Monday as he is enjoying riding his Z1000 SX so much he wanted to do more miles on-road rather than off! 🙂

For the last day of the tour we went into North Wales where we had open flowing motorcycling roads, very little in the way of traffic, the lakes of Bala, Celyn and Brenig to enjoy, the sun lit up the Snowdonia mountain range and we were treated to the rare sight of seeing the top of Snowdon as we ascended the Aberglaslyn Pass, all in all a perfect end to a great 3 day tour.

We are looking forward to planning more of these dual tours in the future and working with the team at The Lake Vyrnwy Hotel and The Mick Extance Kawasaki Experience…. watch this space for details 🙂