RAF Cosford Museum – Ride-out

On Sunday 22nd March we had our first DragonMotoTours motorcycle ride-out of 2015 and what an excellent way to kickstart the motorcycling touring season.  Blue sky start

We started the ride-out under blue skies and they stayed with us all day which was a complete contrast to the last time we had a ride-out to RAF Cosford museum in March 2013 when we had snow and temps of -5!  The ride-out had booked up very quickly and we were at capacity with 35 motorbikes in total and including pillions there were 43 of us visiting the museum.  We’d like to thank Milly and the team at Fourways Cafe and Grill at J&S Oakmere for opening up for us to start the day and having the kettle and bacon on!

The ride to Cosford went via the Cheshire / Shropshire / Staffordshire borders with a warming morning brew at The Flower Pot cafe at Roden, thanks to everyone there for serving everyone so quickly and for giving us a very warm welcome.  The Wrekin was just about visible when we were there through some hazy cloud but later on in the ride we were able to see it in sunlight.

The museum Cosford museum were expecting our visit and had even made us our very own parking sign! which was much appreciated and made things much easier for us to have a designated location between Hangars 2 and 3.  Several of our group had not visited before and thoroughly enjoyed the couple of hours we had there, giving them not only ample time to see the displays but also to have a bite to eat in the on-site cafe.  Dandy Man and jetThere was one point where we thought one of our riders may be considering swapping his Kawasaki Z1000 for a jet……. and if it had got too cold maybe some could have taken a ride home in a hercules 🙂

It is a fantastic location to visit and other than paying a small parking fee, entrance to the museum and all the displays is free – we recommend you pay a visit if you can.

Having left the museum we took in some of the excellent motorcycling roads of Shropshire around Bridgnorth heading for a fuel stop and leg stretch at Battlefield Services.  One of the bikes in the group decided to run out of fuel 1 mile short of the petrol station!!!  Dave had not really used the bike over the winter and as he said himself it does take a few rides to get yourself back in tune with not only the capabilities of your motorbike but also yourself.  This was one of the reasons our mileage for the ride-out was shorter than usual as we were only too aware that not everyone rides during the winter and so this route gave them a good way of easing back into the swing of things!  The running out of fuel was soon resolved when Ian’s pillion joined Jan and Ian then took Dave the mile to the fuel station where an emergency can was purchased and things resumed to normal 🙂   needless to say it gave everyone something to talk about over coffee at our dispersal point and as Dave pointed out he now truly knows what his fuel tank range is…….!

This instance of someone running out of fuel was a first for us as was it a “first” for Jill and Gail who passed their motorbike tests within the last 18 months and whereas previously they have joined us on ride-outs and tours as pillions, this time they came as motorcyclists in their own right and both of them thoroughly enjoyed their day.  We were also joined for the first time by Paul, Colin and Dave who will be riding with us later in the year on tours of South Wales, Mid & North Wales and also the Vercors & Morvan regions of France.  It was great to meet them and they can come again if they promise to bring the same blue skies…. 🙂

We finished our ride at Delamere not far from where we started – some might say we were going round in a circle!!!!  but thanks to everyone who joined us it was a great day and we are looking forward to the riding and touring season ahead.