A quiet time for motorcyclists…..?

Generally January is a quiet month for many people, post Christmas the indulgences of the festive period have caught up, new year resolutions are tested within the first week or two and that diet just doesn’t seem to be working!!!!  But for motorcyclists it can seem an even longer month if the colder weather hits and especially if the roads are gritted, many decide to take their bikes off the road for the winter months whilst others ride all year in all weathers.  In our experience many of the riders who join us on tour throughout our touring season will also ride out on their bikes over the winter, even if it means spending nearly twice the usual time washing the muck off 🙂

Over the winter we don’t run tours and ride-outs although we do get the bikes out as often as we can, nothing like blowing a few cobwebs off on a crisp, cold sunny day in January and February.  However, the majority of our winter is spent planning ahead to the upcoming touring season, making sure the routes are ready for our clients, taking in bookings for the tours we have planned and also researching for the following year.

This is the third winter we’ll be holding a Winter social event, this year to be in early February.  It’s an opportunity for everyone to catch up either with people they’ve met on tours before or to meet people who they will be riding with over the coming months and generally a lot of “motorbike talking” will be undertaken 🙂

We have held the event in Mid Wales for the past two years and this year will be heading further North to the beautiful coastal town of Caernarfon. Caernarfon Castle  It would be wonderful to think that the weather will be kind to us and we can all ride through the stunning Snowdonia Mountains on our way there, but in reality it is most likely that other modes of transport will get us there this year, especially as the forecast for the next few weeks is for the UK to be caught up in a “cold blast”…...

One of the great things we get to do as part of our preparations for the Winter Social is to put together a presentation of tours and ride-outs we have done over the previous touring season and also to look ahead to the motorcycling tours we have planned for 2016, we show this over dinner on the Saturday evening and it is certainly a great way to forget the winter blues and to focus on what is important to us as motorcyclists……. the roads, scenery and people.

January may be portrayed as a quiet month but it doesn’t fall into that category for us, we are as busy as ever not necessarily clocking up the physical miles but preparing the routes for the miles we are to cover in our season which starts in early April.  We’re looking forward to keeping you updated throughout the year and hope that you all have a great year of motorcycling.  The “quiet time” of winter will then be but a distant memory 🙂