Versys no. 8 arrives!!!

It’s been a while since we last posted but that’s due to us being in the height of our touring season and since we last wrote in July we’ve covered some 12,500 miles riding through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Spain and all on Kawasaki Versys 1000’s. 

We now have “double green” in the garage with Jan’s ’17 plate and today it’s been joined by it’s “twin” which will become our back up bike (hopefully won’t actually be required but……).  The third Versys caused some interesting comments on social media when Geraint picked it up in June due to its colour which is registered as silver – but it’s been called champagne, titanium and then beige 🙂  It’s colour actually comes into its own when the sun is shining on it as can be seen here in a picture taken recently on our Spain & Millau tour.

As you know, whatever the colour, we’ve written before about the versatility of the model and why we chose to buy the bike in the first place when it first came out in 2012.  In fact, today, we have just parted company with the original bike which has covered over 91,000 miles in 5 years and looked as good today as when we first bought it.  It’s been replaced by our 8th Versys 1000!!!!

There have been style changes to the model over the past 5 years with some not liking the original “flat nose” appearance of the original model – this never bothered us particularly as we have had 3 of them 🙂  However, we moved onto the newer style for our tours keeping the original ’12 plate as a back up.  We’ve noticed subtle changes to the performance and there have been several updates and tweeks over the 5 years.  Kawasaki UK have clearly listened to customers by making seemingly minor amendments such as moving the lock for the seat from underneath to the side – not major you would think but it is a great improvement making it easier to unlock the seat.  There have been slight changes to the position of the rear indicators to meet with latest EU regulations and reflectors on the front wheel.  The gear indicator is now embodied in the dash making it easier to read if ever required.  The fuel consumption on the Versys continues to be a big plus for us, particularly with the mileage we cover each year, there are differences due to the luggage being carried and weight, however, Jan’s latest bike is running at an average of 58.1 mpg and Geraint’s at 57.8.  🙂

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us with 3 tours in the UK in September before our final tour of the year to Spain in October but we’ll try not to leave it as long between blogs next time!!