Where have we been….?

The title could suggest where have we been in so far as not blogged for a few months now and it can also read as “Where have we been” as far as touring this year…..  To answer the first view, the answer is we have had a very busy season of touring and with two more ahead of us still lots of roads and (s)miles to cover resulting in not much time to blog 🙂  As for where as in locations, since our last update in May, we have visited Devon, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Wales with a few other countries on routes to and from our destinations.  It has certainly been a busy time but a great deal of fun as can be seen from our website gallery / facebook albums.

We are often asked which location we like touring best, an impossible question to answer given the variety of roads and scenery we encounter on tour.  Our tours in 2019 have ranged from short 4 – 6 day tours to ones stretching to nearly two weeks.  Devon was one of our shorter tours of the year and we were fortunate to have some superb weather over the 5 days, we even had a fly-pass from the RAF!  This was our second visit to the county in recent years and everyone joining us thoroughly enjoyed the roads and places we visited, varying from the sparse nature of Dartmoor and the Exmoor national parks to the quirky nature of the village of Clovelly where no motor vehicles are allowed – certainly got the heartrates pumping for those who visited when they had to walk back up the steep hill to the carpark!

Our next tour was to the counties of Donegal and Mayo in Ireland, both regions have much to offer a motorcyclist and whilst we were not lucky on this visit to see the Slieve League cliffs which were shrouded in sea fog….. we were blessed with some good weather for riding around Ireland’s only fjord into Connemara and for our visit to Malin Head.  On every visit to Ireland we are given a warm welcome and this was certainly the case from William and his daughter at The Wild Strands Cafe near Malin Head, it was a first for most of us when we were treated to scones made from seaweed 🙂  Delicious and they went down well with a dollop of jam and cream!  We have visited Malin Head on several occasions in all weathers (once we couldn’t see the sea for the fog which was a bit disconcerting!), but even if the weather is against you it is well worth a visit to Ireland’s most northerly point and on each visit there is something new – this time the parking area had been improved and for information there are now some brand new visitors toilets!!!!!  Always welcome when you’ve had more than your fair share of coffee at The Wild Strands…..

We spent three nights in County Donegal before riding south to County Mayo and the coastal town of Westport.  During our stay we had two ride-outs one taking us through Ballycroy National Park and onto Achill Island, the ride along the Atlantic coastline was spectacular, the Irish Tourist Board have certainly done their job when it comes to promoting The Wild Atlantic Way – it can be wild in nature as well as weather but when the sun shines and the sea is sky blue in colour you feel very at one with the sights and sounds around you.  We’re not visiting this region in 2020 but will certainly have it on our 2021 calendar….. so watch out for that!

There is still much to catch up regarding our tours in Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Wales…. so as they say “stay tuned for the next instalment”….. 🙂


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