Motorcycle Touring Colorado – Day 8

Just over a week into touring Colorado on 2 motorbikes and every day presents us with something new – more awesome motorcycling roads and fantastic scenery – as they say riding a motorbike you are “in the picture” …..

Breakfast for today was a short walk from our hotel in The Rose cafe in Pagosa Springs – great food to start the day so for any motorcyclists out that way during 2013 – its a recommend!

Our destination for the day was Ouray and our route was to take in the Million Dollar Highway – many of our tour group had different theories as to why it should have this name, a couple of suggestions being:-

  1. It cost a million dollars to build
  2. you feel like a million dollars when you ride your motorcycle on it

By the end of that day we know which one we were going for….!! :-)  Awesome as you will see from this photo2012-07-10 15.23.58

Before reaching this road though we had a great ride through the Southern Ute Indian reservation and passed Chimney Mountain which was exactly as it said on the tin!   The roads from here were made for motorcycle touring, smooth tarmac and open sweeping bends……. topped off with coffee and cake at Durango.  Next up was the Million Dollar Highway with a great lunch stop in Silverton which gave us probably the highest stacked sandwich “in the world“…..

The highway was amazing with steep drops and no barriers which kept you on your toes!  Sweeping bends with huge switchbacks and all this before you arrive at Ouray which is known as “The Switzerland of America”.  A small town nestled between huge alp like mountains.

And it was in these mountains we had dinner that night – two 4×4 trucks pulled up at our hotel to take the group up into the hills for a cook out  – tables laid with flowers, big steaks cooked on an open barbeque, salad, fresh corn on the cob topped off with a desert called “smorse”.  This is an American treat, and the recipe is : toast marshmallows over the flame then place between two biscuits together with a chunk of chocolate and enjoy!  We did so much we had 2…..

The cook out was sadly cut short as a thunderstorm rolled in and we all got drenched on the way back to the hotel, but it just added to a fantastic day and gave us lots to laugh over a beer.

Day 8 can be summed up as having experienced awesome roads, enjoying them with like minded motorcyclists, blue skies and eating and drinking with friends – what more would you want from a motorcycle tour?

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