Motorbike Touring Colorado into Utah – Day 10

So today we move into a new American state – Utah and by the end of today we will have experienced yet more change in landscape, hotter temperatures but the one constant is the superb nature of the roads in America and in particular how suited they are to motorcycle touring.

After a hearty breakfast in the Outlaw restaurant we headed north through the San Miguel Canyon – motorcycling heaven :-)  Smooth tarmac running alongside a fast flowing river, red rock canyons, tightening bends and blue skies all the way.  We turned off heading towards Dove Creek and rode for over 60 miles seeing 1 house and 5 cars over the entire distance…….

What an awesome place to ride your motorbikes, vast expanses of canyons, plains and noticeably the landscape was becoming more arid.  It kind of focused the mind really as to what you would do if you had a breakdown of some sort!!! (best not to think about that though….)The road to Dove Creek

Our fuel stop at Dove Creek was a welcome respite from the ever increasing heat – its difficult with motorcycle gear to know what is best to wear, we had every vent available open on our jackets and trousers that’s for sure….

Our next destination was the Hovenweep National Monument where an Indian tribe lived over 800 years ago – the place is so arid you have to wonder how they survived, there are amazing ruins of their homes which were built into the rocks – well worth a visit if you happen to be in the area.

From here we had a stonking ride to “The Four Corners” where the states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico meet – the temperatures rose to 103 degrees and you felt like you were riding into a hot hairdryer!  The Four Corners



Apparently the site of “The Four Corners” is not quite where it seems…???  However, this is the closest it has been possible to build the monument as the actual meeting point is too inaccessible – whichever way you look at it we were glad to have visited.

We rode from here and crossed the border into Utah and onto our hotel for the night in a small town called Bluff – nestled in the middle of desert land it is a perfect place for weary motorcyclists to rest their heads – looking forward now to getting to see more of Utah over the coming days…..

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