Motorcycle touring Utah – Zion National Park – Day 13

We woke at 6am to blue skies and after a good breakfast took some time of the motorbikes and had a walk around the town of Springdale.  It is just on the outskirts of Zion National Park and is a really pretty little town with all the amenities you could need.  Trouble was it is not that big and our walk was over before we knew it…….only one thing for it – we just had to do some more motorcycle touring!

We rode through the national park the opposite way to that which we had used coming in and Zion is even more stunning than we thought.  The morning sunshine put a different perspective on the rock formations and colours – you really have to ride through there to fully appreciate it.

We headed on to Mount Carmel junction for fuel which, incidentally, is about a third of the price we pay in the UK  which does make a big difference when doing any motorcycle tour that’s for sure.  We rode onto Cedar Breaks National Monument which is another US state park.

The road was fantastic to ride – flowing sweepies through huge Cedar woods and these eerie looking lava fields which the road literally carved through at times.  It was a really quiet area, great for motorcyclists – although for our coffee stop that day we were surrounded by quad bikes Coffee stop near Cedar Breaksas there is a lot of off-roading that can be done in this area.  Guess we could have taken the GS’s along too if it had not been for the limitations of the motorbike hire insurance…!!

(maybe next time……. 😀 )

We entered the National park and just had time to view this amazing natural amphiteatre which was extremely deep and carved out within the red rocks.  Trouble was we could also see a huge storm gathering in the valley and it was clearly heading our way – motorcycling and lightning is not a good combination at the best of times so we headed back to Zion.

Still not all bad!! after all we got to ride the same stretch of road we had come on – and it was even better the opposite way round!!  We had the storm chasing us for many miles but somehow we managed to dodge it.  We noticed that the roads back in Zion National park were wet so we had clearly got lucky and managed to miss it!!!

As we’d arrived back to the hotel earlier than expected, we had time to go and have a swim in the pool and catch up with a few of the others from our tour group.  Some of them had had a day off the bikes and chilled out instead. Our supper that evening was a picnic from the local deli washed down with some very good beer!!!

Another great day – trouble is it’s getting ever nearer to the end of this fantastic motorcycle tour, just have to make the most of the next few days.

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