Motorcycle touring Utah – Zion to Boulder Day 14

We’ve probably said this about most days of this motorcycle tour of Colorado and Utah but we’ll say it again!…….  What a fantastic day of motorcycling Day 14 of our trip turned out to be.

We left Springdale early and rode back through Zion National park for the last time on this particular trip.  It was so early in the morning that we practically had “millionaire motorcycling” as there was no other traffic there.  The early morning sun light gave yet another perspective on this amazing place, quite sad riding out of there but then we knew we had a great day ahead of us.

We took a detour from the main group route for the first part of the day as we wanted to go back to see more of Cedar Breaks national park where we had been the day before but had had to do a hurried escape from due to a massive thunder storm rolling in!  As with the previous day, the roads did not disappoint, such flowing ribbons of tarmac that we reckon the highways engineer must have been a motorcyclist….  🙂  !!

We continued on towards Panguitch and had over 30 miles of sweeping bends with very little traffic, it was a brilliant section to ride.  By the time we got to Panguitch Lake we were ready for a coffee and pulled into the Bear Paw Fishing Resort, great views over the lake and good coffee too.  However, they say that the world can be a small place and it was reiterated to us at this place as it is run by Adrian who originated from Birmingham, UK which is only about 70 miles away from us, not only that but his friend was over from the UK for a couple of weeks and he lives not far from us and is very familiar with the fab motorcycling roads of North and Mid Wales.

Both Adrian and his wife ride – they have the Can-am Spiders and were able to tell us what great roads we had coming up for the rest of the day on our way to Boulder, Utah as they often ride the 100 miles over there to go for breakfast!!!  It was great to meet up with Adrian who has been happily settled in America for over 20 years – we hope to see him again soon.  Bear Paw Fishing Resort lakeThis is the view you get from the Bear Paw – stunning….

We continued on from coffee and picked up route 12 which is listed as one of the top 5 highways in America.  You immediately ride into the Red Canyon, beautiful red rock formations which flattens out for a short while until you make a turn to Bryce Canyon – it is 17 miles from the turn off of route 12 to the end and it is yet another jaw dropping location.

We rode to Rainbow point which is at the end of the national park and had a fab picnic lunch with Alan, JoJo and Craig who are also on the motorcycle tour we are on.  There are some picnic spots which everyone should visit at least once and this is one of them as Rainbow pointyou can see from the photo – awesome views.

It was a shame we had to leave this beautiful place but we had another storm rolling in towards us and we decided to head away from it and back on to route 12 to the Escalante – a series of mountains which look just like a staircase (hence the name!).

What was even more stunning was the road – it was like a motorbike race track, the tarmac was so smooth and there as one particularly brilliant section which we enjoyed so much we did it twice and put it on YouTube – you can click here to watch it!    Describing it in words would be difficult but we think every motorcyclist no matter on what bike, would love this road.

We continued on to our hotel for the night which was in a small town called Boulder – we ate at the Hells Backbone Restaurant, a truly wonderful place to eat not only for the food which was all locally sourced but also for the tranquil location.  It was a great end to a wonderful day of motorcycle touring.

Only 2 more days left of this tour which we’ll tell you about next time……




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