Motorcycle Touring Utah Day 15 – Boulder to Bluff

We have stayed in some breathtaking places on this motorcycle tour of Colorado, Utah and Arizona, but waking up in Boulder, Utah is something special.  Sunrise BoulderThis was the sunrise we had to start our day…. awesome or what?  There is a complete stillness about the place (well that is until the Harley’s fire up ready for the day ahead. :-D )

A few of us took a slight detour at the beginning of the day – we rode Burrs Trail which was a 34 mile round trip but worth every bit of it.  Basically it’s a back road out of Boulder and it can best be described as a mini version of Zion National park – you really did expect to see “cowboys and indians” from the old Wild West movies coming up over the hills  :-)  Bob & Ricky Burrs TrailBob and Ricky joined us for photos at the end of the trail – we had encountered no other traffic along the way – a perfect road for motorcycling that’s for sure.  But it was soon time to turn back and ride onto route 12 over Boulder Mountain – yet another great road with fantastic views down into Torrey.

We continued on to Hanksville with the scenery changing all the time, at one point it was just like being on the moon!  There was not a great deal at Hanksville, just a couple of fuel stations which were very welcome for two thirsty motorcycles and their riders….  We bought a drink and a chewy bar – but I guess business is slow as it was out of date by 7 months!!

Temperatures were rising but riding along route 95 soon helped to cool us.  We think this was up there with some of the best biking roads we have been on over the last couple of weeks, particularly the section through Glen Canyon.  The open sweeping bends were nothing short of amazing and that ribbon of tarmac flowed for over 100 miles.  There are some days when you truly believe you have just had the best motorcycle ride of your life – and this was one of those.

We had a slight detour and time for a breather, when we went to visit the Natural Bridges national monument – 3 rock arches naturally carved out by the elements.  Sipapu Bridge - rock archThis one was called Sipapu Bridge which means “place of emergence” – very apt.  Well worth a visit if you happen to be touring this part of the world.

We had just over 50 miles to ride from here to our hotel which was back in Bluff, Utah – we had done a full loop over the past few days on some of the best motorbiking roads.

Today was one of those days when we could have ridden on forever – we just love riding in this part of the world.  Bring on tomorrow…(although sadly this will our last full day on this wonderful motorcycle tour)…..:-(

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