Our final 2 days of Motorcycle Touring in Colorada & Utah

Only two more days of motorcycling left for us before we have to fly back to the UK, the time for this trip has just flown, but has been a spectacular tour.

Day 16 of our trip was our ride from Bluff back into Colorado and to Grand Junction where we started this motorcycle tour two weeks ago.  Another beautiful, blue sky day greeted us when we first got up and rode over to the Twin Rocks cafe for breakfast.  Even at 8.30am the temperature was upto 78 degrees!

We headed north on 191 and then picked up the reverse route of a few days ago where we rode via Dove Creek – they have an interesting greeting for you at the fuel station there….Dove Creek fuel station  Even though we had travelled this way on day 10 of our tour, the road always seems different when riding in the opposite direction.  Some of the sights may have been familiar but the twists and turns of some of the open roads around that part of the world were just wonderful to ride.

We stopped at a great little town called Natunta for a drink and had a wonderful chat with a lady who lived out in the middle of nowhere and had just come into town for some groceries – she thanked us for coming to Colorado which we just thought was so welcoming – it was us needing to thank her for letting us ride out motorbikes on such great roads!!!

Suitably refreshed we picked up yet another amazing motorcycling road – 50 miles to Gateway through the Red Canyon which follows the Dolores River – a fantastic ride and one which was recommended by the guys from Butler Maps.  We had hoped to have lunch at Gateway at this little diner which had been recommended to us – but when we got there we met up with some of the other guys on the tour only to find that the diner was closed up….!  We then ended up riding a further 50 miles to the outskirts of Grand Junction before we found anywhere for what turned out to be more like afternoon tea than lunch!  Still with roads like this Red Canyon to ride we did not really mind too much…..

Lunch was at Randy’s Southside diner and it was great food, Geraint had his first cheeseburger of the trip!  and it was cooked to perfection – a definite recommend for any of you motorcyclists who happen to riding near Grand Junction, Colorado in the future.

From here it was something of a sad ride into the main town and onto our hotel where we met up with everyone else who had been on this motorcycle tour.  We all had an excellent meal together in the hotel restaurant but then had to get an early night as we had to be away from the hotel by 6am to ride to Denver to hand the bikes back to EagleRider by mid day.

When we did wake it was already 70 degrees at only 6am!  Although we had fluctuating temperatures for a lot of the ride to Denver which was all on the I70 east but it is an amazing freeway.  It rises in places to over 11,000 ft and then drops into amazing Canyons.  The freeway snakes its way alongside the Colorado river and is a joy to ride.

We arrived into downtown Denver at mid day, handed back the BMW GS’ which had been our trusty companions over the past 16 days.  We had time to go down into Denver and had a lovely lunch at Willie G’s, Geraint even had a hair cut at Floyds (classic barbers!) and then it was a taxi over to the airport and the end of an amazing motorcycle tour.

We would highly recommend this tour to anyone who loves to ride a motorbike.  We cannot wait to go back out to Colorada and Utah, to experience the roads, the scenery and the people – it was a trip of a lifetime and we got to do it on two wheels!  :-D

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